The idea of creating NewHub came in 2018 from real issues reported by customers using Qlik Sense’s native Hub. From color customization to better app organization in groups and subgroups, going through the simple need to list mashups in the same structure as native panels.

There were a lot of problems mapped by consumers, which ended up ideating what NewHub is today in its countless and continuous improvements.

In a series of three posts, we’ll list the nine most common problems that NewHub solves for Qlik Sense users. The first three are:

1) Navigation Difficulty

As a user, you have certainly gotten lost or frustrated when trying to navigate within a native Qlik Sense dashboard. Likewise, transitioning between different dashboards is not intuitive, as Stream names usually doesn’t make sense to end-users. Streams end up with too many apps.

NewHub solves this problem in two different ways. Navigation between apps is all on the side menu, being accessible to users all the time:

“Pharma Sales” Panel inside the “Sales” Group and “USA” Subgroup

By the way, browsing between sheets within the same app had an important UX improvement within NewHub. Sheets are now available in the side menu:

“Insurance Claims 2021” Panel that belongs to the “Operations” group, and its 9 sheets.

In addition to listing sheets more simply and straightforwardly, NewHub also allows grouping sheets:

The sheets “Reports – Transactions” and “Reports – Past Dues” have been grouped under “Reports”, making reading more efficient and logical.

2) Messy mobile version

Filters that take the entire screen, difficulty scrolling sheets with your fingers, among other UX issues. NewHub solves them all friendly:

From left to right, 3 mobile screenshots: 1) Navigation between sheets; 2) Page with charts and the “Enable Interaction” button, which allows you to scroll the screen by touching the graphics; 3) Selections menu.

3) Logotype, colors, and style customization

Qlik Sense’s native Hub does not allow any customization. NewHub allows all properties and visual styles to be customized, from colors to the logo, shadows, rounded corners, etc.

Examples of color themes and customizations allowed with NewHub

This is the first from a series of 3 posts about the issues NewHub solves for Qlik Sense users.

NewHub is a mashup that, installed on your client-managed Qlik Sense server, allows you to completely transform the UX of the Hub and its Qlik panels automatically and 100% scalable, without the need for any line of code.
Download the NewHub trial for free or if you prefer, browse this demo version right now.