Users who use the standard Qlik Sense Hub to access their dashboards know the potential of the tool, but they certainly wanted more than what the native portal had on offer.

It was by looking at the real needs of our customers that the idea of developing NewHub arose, where through a powerful mashup and using the Qlik Sense APIs, we delivered a superior experience to Qlik users that use the Qlik Sense environment.

In this post we list 5 ways NewHub stands out compared to the standard Qlik Sense Hub.

1) Goodbye Streams, welcome Groups and Subgroups.

It’s common for users to get lost with the standard Hub Streams, either because the names are confusing, there are simply too many Streams in the system, or because they cannot best organize apps within said Streams.

Lateral menu of the standard Hub with the list of Streams)

NewHub keeps on using Streams, but only to control content visibility. This means that users will not see the Stream List when accessing NewHub, but a list of Groups and Subgroups created freely through the NewHub Admin panel (NewHub configuration panel). A rootAdmin user creates the Groups and Subgroups, and subsequently lists which apps should be displayed within each group. When accessing NewHub, each user sees only the groups and subgroups with apps and mashups that he is allowed to see, taking advantage of the security rules or Streams already configured on the Qlik server.

NewHub menu with apps listed within Groups and Subgroups

2) Mashups and other links displayed together with Qlik Apps.

The standard Qlik Hub only displays native Qlik Sense apps. NewHub, in addition to apps, adds mashups and also customized links. This means that you can, for example, include a link to a sheet in a certain Group and another sheet from the same app in a different Group in the menu. You can also include a link to another type of content (a form page, a list of video tutorials, a help page on a website, etc.) while maintaining the organization and distribution of content you desire.

Mashup displayed within NewHub, accessed from the main navigation menu on the left

3) Cards with KPIs and Charts on the home page… Or whatever you want.

Without having to individually open each app or mashup, users can view the main KPIs and charts of any given app or mashup right on the home page. You can also specify which users see a certain mashup (or any other content or page) when they enter the NewHub home screen.

NewHub’s home page, where you can see cards from multiple panels with KPIs and charts at the same time.

4) Your logo and colors on NewHub.

You can call NewHub whatever you want. It is possible to change the alias, url, logo, colors and other elements of the screen through CSS customization. And the best part: you won’t lose these customizations every time there is a scheduled Qlik Sense update on your server.

5) The only QAP-ready portal.

Customers using the QAP license can only access Qlik Sense panels through mashups. Therefore, the standard Hub, which does not list mashups, is of no use. NewHub solves this need, since it displays mashups and is prepared for QAP environments.

These are just some of the ways NewHub stands out.

Download and install for free for up to 5 users and schedule a demo with us to get to know NewHub’s for Qlik Sense full potential..

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