February 2020 starts with another important milestone for us at Cluster.

As part of our periodic NewHub update program, we have migrated the previously cumbersome config file (written in javascript) from Qlik Sense’s Dev-Hub to the custom Admin Panel.

This effectively eliminates the need for programming knowledge in order to execute some of the most commonly requested custom configurations for NewHub.

Want your menu to remain open, instead of it automatically hiding once you access a Qlik Mashup? No problem. Just check the “openByDefault” box and you’re set.

What about the App and Mashup search bar on top? You only want it showing on the Landing page, but hidden once you are perfoming your BI analysis. You can tweak this behavior by selecting the option to only show it on the Landing page. With a single click.

Similarly, denying access to specific users is also done now via the Admin Panel, virtually eliminating the need to use the sometimes cumbersome QlikSense Management Console (QMC).

These enhancements came from feedback and ideas we’ve exchanged with trusted clients both in Brazil, the Middle East and Europe who are already using the software in corporate settings, some of them with up to 3000 active licences on a single Qlik Sense Server working hand-in-hand with NewHub to centralize their analytics efforts.

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