Firstly, we are in Las Vegas, attending QlikWorld, a global annual conference dedicated to the latest advancements in data integration and analytics. The event website describes it as featuring keynote presentations, interactive sessions with thought leaders and subject matter experts, and product demonstrations.

The second news is that as the sole Latin America technology partner of Qlik, we conducted a product demonstration here. This marked the first public appearance of NewHub for Qlik Cloud.

Dalton Ruer, Senior Solutions Architect – Partner Engineering at Qlik, and Hugo Sheng, Senior Director of Partner Engineering at Qlik, presented the beta version of NewHub for Qlik Cloud, a new product by Cluster designed for all Qlik users.

What NewHub for Qlik Cloud offers:

  • Organizes spaces and panels in an intuitive side menu.
  • Allows users to change colors, typography, and hub logo.
  • Delivers a simpler and more straightforward experience for end users.
  • Automatically displays cards on the home page, eliminating the need for manual addition.

Why did Cluster develop this product?

A few years ago, due to the demand for customization projects for the native Qlik Sense On-premises Hub, we created NewHub, initially catering to Qlik customers who managed their own servers. With the evolution of Qlik to the Qlik Cloud, we recognized it as a natural path to follow for our product, enabling NewHub customers to seamlessly migrate to the Qlik Cloud without sacrificing the customization power of our solution.

We were immensely proud to be chosen by QlikWorld to showcase NewHub for Qlik Cloud at the event.

During QlikWorld, Cluster is represented by its Co-Founder and CEO, Thiago Pessato, the Head of International Business Development, Andrés Droege, and Cluster’s Project Manager, Jorge Weigmann.

The conference undoubtedly presents a valuable opportunity to gain insights into Qlik, find inspiration, and foster meaningful connections with peers.